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Music is what I am. Everything else is what I do!

About ME

Music is My First Love


The early 70's were ripe with female singer-songwriters.  I picked up a dime store guitar at 13 and fed my soul with music. 

Singer/Songwriter @ Heart


Although I have a plethora of cover tunes in my music repertoire I am introducing my original music for you.  So, I'm available as a solo act, a trio and a full piece band.  Let's make some music. 

Voice Actor


I fell in with voice acting while working in television production.  I am a proud owner of a Neumann U87.  Oh, did I mention I'm a gadget geek.  I love owning great gear.   I use a Apogee Duet for my I/0, Grace 101 mic pre amp and did I mention I have a Neumann U87?