Steven Gamble “Sound Engineer”


Todays good thing about audio; When you get to the gig, expecting the worst, but instead the client is nice, and helpful, and the band turns out to be, not only nice and easy to work with, but totally awesome. If you ever get a chance, check out Heidi Dove and Fretless. 

Heidi Dove and Fretless were simply PHENOMENAL!! :-) <3

Michael Greenspon - Greenspon Advertising


"I have been working with Heidi Dove as a voice actor since 2008.  I love sending VO work her way; she has an authentic delivery, a real pro studio and fast turnaround times.  What else could you ask for?

Super Fan - Beth Arcilesi


The Sweetest Vocals - I could listen to Heidi Dove sing all night long.  The most soothing vocals on ballads but she'll give it a lot of punch on the pop/rock tunes.  So versatile!!!